February 22, 2023


How to sell your vape kit and promote online vape business?

As necessity is the mother of invention, today’s world has found a healthier and safer way to satisfy the nicotine desire. It has lessened cigarette dependency and consumption as well. Yes!! This alternative is the vape which is quite lesser harmful and also gives you an exotic experience with a range of flavours, strength, and satisfaction levels. So vape kits are getting popular among vape users. You can sell your vape kit to the right customers as a vape store owner.

Before discussing the promotion and selling or setting up a vape business, let’s first explore the vape business and vape kits.

What is a vape kit?

In simple words, a vape kit is a kit that includes every accessory a beginner needs to start or continue vaping. The essential components of any kit can be a vape tank, coil, battery, and mouthpiece.

Depending on their needs, vape users can find plenty of brands with the best e-cigarette or vape kits. For instance, there is a starter kit for people completely new to vaping. Similarly, some other kits are also available, like advanced-level kits. To name a few, include Cigarette Style, Pod Vape Kits, Box Mod Kits, Sub Ohm Kits, etc.

Vape business in a nutshell

A vape store business is a growing business around the globe currently, and this store can be an outlet or an online platform dealing with vape products. A vape is a liquid e-cigarette that comes in both styles: The classic rechargeable and the disposable. You need a vape kit for rechargeable vapes, whereas disposable vapes don’t bother it. Some of the prominent products of the vape business are:

E-liquids: The liquid used inside an e-cigarette to give you vapours is called e-liquids. It is also called e-juice or vape juice. It may or may not contain nicotine but comprises PG (propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) as essentials. Flavours can be an additive ingredient.

Nic salts: Nicotine salts are extracted from tobacco leaves and mixed in e-juices to give you nicotine satisfaction even without adopting traditional smoking.

Tanks: A vape tank is a threaded attachment in the vape kit that allows your e-juice to vaporize. These are pretty large and have a capacity of up to 2ml, which is available in glass or plastic enclosures with metal hardware.

Disposable vapes: These are the non-rechargeable variant of the vapes that comes up charged and pre-filled. It is the most-handy and pocket-friendly vape, available in different flavours and strengths. It can be disposed of after use and doesn’t require the charging kits and battery to carry with it.

Batteries: Batteries in a vape pen is responsible for the combustion of e-liquid to produce vapours. Mostly, it is essential for both types of vapes- Chargeable and disposable.

Chargers: It is mandatory to carry a charger with you for traditional e-cigarettes, whereas disposable vapes don’t require it.

Coils: Coils are the atomizers that enable vaporization in your vape device. It consists of three components: heating element, wicking material, and casing.

Vape kit: Classic vape kits are refillable e-cigarettes with tanks and batteries. These kits are rechargeable and long-lasting. These are available in a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths.

Not only the above, but there are a lot of other products under the umbrella of the vape business. You can set up an online vape shop by providing any of the above or all of these.

Now, we will elaborate on the aspects necessary to promote the online vape business and sell your vape kit. Be it to promote your existing vape kit products or launch a new kit for your vape shop in the UK. Vape marketing will be the ideal tool to start with.

Is marketing and selling vape kits demanding?

Vaping is an exclusive experience and a growing trend, but there are different opinions nowadays regarding the choice of vape type and vape kit. When you have an idea of any business, the first thing that comes into your mind is “product demand,” which is a critical perspective of any business. For example, people on one side like comfortable and hassle-free vape experiences and avoid carrying chargers, batteries, etc. But they also want reliable sources with a longer life span to satisfy their urge. So, vape kits are still in demand as it is long-lasting, even acquiring a high price. The life span of the vape kits justifies this high price of a vape kit. That’s why consumers have a high demand rate for vape kits and accessories. 

However, despite the high demand for vapes, the vape industry still has to face regulations. So to deal with the marketing of such a regulated industry, one needs to find an experienced vape marketing agency. The vape marketing services field experts know where and how to promote and advertise without backsliding the laws.

Do’s and Don’ts to sell your vape kit and promote online vape business

Promoting a traditional business online is relatively easy. Some may assume that only putting your business on GOOGLE or any other social media platform can speed up your business growth. But things are not a piece of cake like this regarding E-liquid marketing. So, roll up your sleeves because here we will give you the best tips for promoting your online vape business and increasing your kit sales.

Do’s for selling vape kits and online vape business.

 We will give you the best advice for your newly established, existing, or medium-level online vape shop.

Set up a Vape website.

There is an increased trend of selling and marketing vaping products, primarily online. Many businesses have started building websites for vape stores and social platforms to interact with buyers. Plus, a website lets the buyers have a complete survey of your products, whatever vape type and kits you sell, saving you and your users’ plenty of time and effort.

So people yet to get started should go with the development of a simple yet helpful vaping website. You can skip and move to other steps if you already have an online presence.

SEO for vape kits shop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to making your space in the digital world. Any online vape shop with the best SEO strategy can easily rank on top and be available for the best organic reach. So, first of all, if you want to gain maximum traffic cum customers, you should focus on the SEO for vape kits. Not only for the kits, try the complete vape shop SEO. It can contain the efforts of generating catchy tags for your products, keyword-based descriptions, etc.

Creating a vape business mailing list

It is obvious to reach your customers with updates timely. Customers feel connected and vital to the brand, so it is crucial to create a mailing list of your customers and keep them up-to-date with promotions, discounts, and new addition in your online store. Hence, you will have an experience in targeted marketing of your latest products and gaining the customer’s trust.

Local SEO for vape shop

Another effective way to sell your vape kit is local SEO. That is, focusing on the local SEO strategy will be more beneficial than the global SEO. The delivery costs will reduce, which ensures a low price in the vape market with the fastest delivery. Your online presence in your local territory is the best option for promoting your online vape business. So, vape kit marketing with the local SEO strategy helps keep your local customers in hand. For example, if you want to deal in the UK, you should work on vape shop SEO for the UK to capture the local market online.

Developing Website structure

For any online business, the website is the first thing that interacts with any visitor. Developing a website that can deliver the best information in a creative style is mandatory. As the online vape business has grown significantly, competing is only possible by following the market trend. Adopting an organized structure while developing your website will positively affect your reputation.

Optimized Website design

Website for online vape business will be the first impression on your customers. That’s why some of the search engines take the website design into account for ranking the websites and pages. So, developing a website with an optimized design will rank your business at the top of search engines.

Mobile Product browsing experience

An online business that enables mobile browsing is more accessible and preferable for customers than reaching out to websites. Designing a mobile browser website may be challenging and require a professional developer. The price of hiring a developer will be justified as dividends for years. Customers could see the in-stock products and easily make a purchasing decision.

Targeted online marketing

For online vape shops, digital marketing is a breathing source. It is evident to explore the market and customers’ behaviour, choices, purchasing trends, as well as the demanding products. Targeted digital marketing of vapes is very important to get potential customers. It ensures the growth of your business.

Don’ts for vape kits marketing and business promotion

Here are some key points to avoid while considering different ideas to sell your vape kit or promote your online vape shop. Let’s grab these valuable facts.

Ignoring offline marketing

It is disastrous to just focus on internet marketing of vape products. Sometimes, indulging in digital business platforms, people ignore the offline marketing tool for their online vape shop. Offline marketing affects people because online marketing takes time to show results. The potential customers who don’t use social media or any other digital media may lose. So, your marketing campaign should consider both mediums on equal bases. Both have their paybacks.

Temptation to cheat

Trust is the main element in the relationship between any customer and retailer. Being a committed and trustworthy vape product dealer will endorse your robust presence in the online vape market. Not only the presence but the potential customers may grow and generate high sales. In any trade, the number of regular customers matters more than the number of new customers. So, if you are up for an online vape business, it is mandatory to deal with high-end products and exclusive services to gain customers’ trust and hence loyalty.

Underestimate the customer loyalty program.

Almost all the competitors know the worth of a loyalty program, so taking this program to the next favourable dimension is your goal. Customers don’t remember the loyalty points they collect from shopping at your store. So, you can put your loyalty program on the same app as your competitor and show your offer parallel to them. You may also offer double points on your slowest day of the week. The customer loyalty program will encourage the buyers to be regular customers.

How vape kits marketing endorse your business promotion and profit?

It is all about the consumer’s choice. Most of the top users of vapes in the UK use Vape kits. These customers can afford high prices to avoid compromising their time and irritation. It may seem troublesome to them to always have a stock of vapes during travelling and normal routine matters. So, carrying a vape kit in their luggage can ease them, especially if they are somewhere without vapes. Vape kits are, therefore, very feasible and contribute to the growth of the vape business.

So even if you just start with Vape kits marketing to sell your vape kit products, you are boosting your online business overall. Customers can readily know about your other products and accessories. Later, with affordability, you can use marketing for your complete business services or products. What we mean is that you can use digital marketing for your brand vape shop. With full-fledged digital marketing, you will extend your promotion to all digital channels that can help you reach a wider vape audience.

Social Media vape kit marketing

Social media is the most used and extensive medium for marketing nowadays, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, or any other. Doing vape kits marketing or using internet marketing in London for your online vaping store brings fruitful results because almost customers of all age groups use social media. Above this, you can go for pay-per-click advertisements also.

Content marketing for vape kits

You can publish blogs and articles for vape kits as a marketing tool. A valuable writing piece can do wonders for you and help you sell your vape kit. Indeed, sometimes the reader will not spontaneously buy through an email marketing campaign. However, content marketing will have a lasting impact on the audience’s mind and attract them to buy with you whenever they are looking for a particular vape product.                                                                

Where to find the best vape marketing services in the UK

Only a few marketing agencies handle the vaping industry due to its regulations. So you must find a Digital Marketing agency in London that can provide exclusive services for top brands in the vape business. Whether complete e-liquid marketing or disposable vape marketing, you can get maximum results via customer identification for a targeted marketing campaign. Possessing a vape marketing specialist offers you a prominent position in the vape business with custom-designed marketing strategies which lead to the best results. The company truly understands the importance of the customers and provides you with a direct-to-customer approach. It eventually pours into earning for your online business, from vape kits to e-cigarette sales.

Above anything else, you can find a company with the best Vape marketing pricing to stay within your budget. Highly effective strategies are result-driven and give you the best ROI rate. It may be organic Google ranking or social media leads. On a shorter note, such a digital marketing agency knows the secret of increasing sales for wholesale or retail businesses.

Final Thoughts

As with every business requirement, digital marketing your vape products is essential to promote and growing your online vape store. Online business is quite crucial in trust building and customer loyalty development. That’s why it is necessary to be fair and committed to the quality and services of your products. 

A vape marketing agency like Navicosoft can assist you in the best possible way, from web design and development to the benchmark of vape product marketing. A combination of vape kits marketing with other valuable strategies can not only help you sell your vape kit but also assure you the best increase in overall sales and a strong position for your online business in the vape market.