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Navicosoft is here to make your business a successful online venture with affordable PPC marketing plans and cutting-edge technology. We are a team of first-string PPC Marketing Company in London who knows how to generate massive conversions and maximum ROI. Our team is ace at producing and executing profitable marketing strategies. We smear an amalgamation of data analytics, audience insights, and creative approaches to improving ROAS. We assure you that when you get our pay-per-click service, your business will be at the top of all the major search engines. However, we are cautious about putting any dent in your pocket or extra financial burden. Therefore, we carve a reliable strategy to increase your digital exposure while enhancing leads and website traffic.

Hit The Target & Increase Your Visibility with Our Affordable Service Plans

As a business or a trade owner,  Google Ads/ PPC services stay at the dominant priority to growing business substantially. We not only help you target the audience through effective tactics but also work in conjunction with different schemes to improve your profits and sales. You can set a budget, and we develop strategies within your budget with maximum benefits.

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Google Ads

We manage your Google Ads account in an out-of-the-box manner. Whether you are looking to accelerate the performance of your Ads campaign or want to start a brand-new campaign, our experts are here to assist you with profitable ways. As an official Google partner, we have a unique distinction of giving you an extra perk with the peace of working with a Google-certified agency. We help your highly eager buyers to reach you without going through the hassle of a long organic process. Our premier in-house specialists with years of experience are what sets us apart as your managed  Google Ads agency.

Remarketing Ads:

Remarketing is one of the most efficient & effective ways to retarget the old audience, and we are pros at it. We remarket your website visitors and remind them to have a visit and then compel them to buy the services. We promise to double the turnovers by running profitable remarketing ads. Further, we keep your budget limitation in mind; therefore, take the measures accordingly. We implement cost-effective remarketing ads with more excellent customer segments. We use intelligent PPC Ad formats and extensions to produce significant results.

Social Ads:

Social media platforms are the fastest emerging platforms. All the ads shown on social platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are social ads. We program these ads to reach your prospects based on their hobbies, interests, and networks. We also help you develop an active social media presence and ensure you are targeting the right audience with more output. We are capable enough to drive high revenue from these channels and, in turn, get more clicks on the actual website.

Display Ads:

Display Ads are the most effective ones in reaching more than 90% of the online audience. These ads tend to appear on niche-specific searches. We use texts and display pictures to grab the audience’s attention to the maximum. Additionally, if you have an agency with a lengthy sales cycle and luxury customers, display ads are a good choice for you. It captures the online audience and grabs their attention at once with attractive visuals.

The Basic Structure
Of Our PPC services
In London

Do you know? Around 90% of web searches in London are done via Google. So Google AdWords is a highly effective tool for advertising your business. As your PPC Marketing Company London, we work closely with the major search engine and ad platforms to manage comprehensive PPC campaigns for your business. Our PPC managers use strategically targeted ad campaigns and ad group methodologies based on the best practices. Our experts who know how to stretch your budget as far as possible as we specialize in:
  • Keyword & ad text research & selection
  • Text Ad selection
  • Minimise the cost per click
  • Keyword listing
  • Call to action
  • Adword conversion
  • Strategy development click

Reliable Conversion Tracking

The next step after designing and implementing the Google campaign comes to conversion tracking; our team is highly professional in terms of tracking. Without precise monitoring, we believe you won’t be able to achieve what you have always dreamed about. Therefore, with a firm grip on data analytics and conversion tracking, we carefully analyse the ins and outs of your campaign. Further, we also create micro and macro conversion tracking campaigns to get your business into a more profitable state.

PPC Marketing Company in the United Kingdom to Get the
Marketing Excellence You Deserve!

We highly prioritise our clients and their Google advertising networks. Besides, we take measures to improve your website ranking, clicks, and conversion rates, lower the bounce rates and maximise the dwell time. No matter what size & type of business you have been running, our meticulous planning consistently exceeds KPIs and targets. Our high client attraction speaks itself with obviously no lock-in contracts!
  • Full Audit
  • Strategy creation
  • Banners Creation
  • Tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Performance optimisation

Why Navicosoft as a PPC Marketing agency in London?

  • As a Google-certified agency, we continuously analyse and optimise campaign performance.
  • We create compelling Ad copies and always bid on the correct placements to keep you ahead.
  • We offer a PPC platform across all major search engines and platforms, including Bing and Amazon.
  • We schedule periodic meetings to ensure you get the proper updates.
  • We do not lock in contracts, i.e., you are free to end the services anytime you want.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Since many agencies provide PPC marketing services, choosing the right one is tricky. It is always a better approach to check the previously handled projects of a company before hiring it at your service. Further, Google certification is a plus. Navicosoft is proud to have thousands of PPC management clients with costs in their budget.

Of course, Yes! You can now get PPC specifically for your e-commerce business. We design Google Ads, remarketing & retargeting ads and much more. We have an expert & specialised team of experts who suggest to you the best you should opt for.

That is never a problem. Agencies like Navicosoft never get you into the lock-in contracts. Our contracts are every month. Where you are given weekly reports. You can measure the success rate and bounce rate. If you are satisfied, we will only continue the service next month.

Yes, we are among the few companies in London that are Google certified. Our process to turn your prospects into customers aligns with Google. We update our policy and work module as per the iterations.

Well, it depends on your budget if you initially want to invest more in the advertisement. However, it is good to go with proper marketing initially. Navicosoft always tries to fit the marketing strategy into your budget. We do an initial meeting with you in which, once you define your budget, we ensure it never exceeds the limit.

We are always at your assistance & service, and you can contact our team to get the progress reports anytime. However, per the service policy, we arrange weekly reporting, so you get the updates and how we will do the next campaign.