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Complete Root Access and Full Virtualisation of VPS hosting with Risk-Free Dedicated Resources

Turbo Fast VPS London

VPS Hosting in London, UK, offers robust solutions with full root access, utilizing KVM virtualization for enhanced performance. Our VPS supports multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, catering to diverse needs. London VPS service accepts various payment methods, ensuring flexibility. Known for its speed and DDoS protection, We guarantee the security and reliability. Customers benefit from 24/7 expert support, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient service.

London Based VPS Price & Plans

Our High Quality and Cheap VPS UK At A Fraction of the Cost!

We aim to give you a unique online experience with cheap VPS UK. Therefore, we establish an online reputation for your website that is safe, intelligent, and valid. We know that hosting services may go off for various reasons. For example, the network may become unavailable, and backups may become locked. Thus, we follow an extensive process to create a virtual private server. Our servers deliver the best speed, security, and reliability while protecting you from power failures.

We focus on serving our customers’ businesses with suitable hosting services. Thus, we are a leading VPS hosting company providing managed and unmanaged VPS. So you will always find our Cheap VPS UK working for your comfort. Whether you want more control over your server or want us to manage it on your behalf, Navicosoft is ideal. Similarly, our low prices for VPS hosting in Melbourne always come with fast processing and low latency. We promise to provide the following: 

  • Enterprise-Grade & secure VPS hosting Services
  • Instant Managed and Unmanaged VPS solutions

Server Clustering For Hosting Website On Cheap VPS in the UK

Navicosoft offers the latest technology for VPS server hosting and clustering. A server cluster means several servers work together under a single IP address. So the clustering has a self-healing feature. If a server goes down, the virtual machines operating on it will be set up instantly on another server. So your files, prints, databases, and messages always stay available no matter the situation. Besides, we provide live website migrations with no downtime. Finally, our SSD storage arrays provide easy clustering of VPS.

Let's move to Best VPS In UK Today!

All customers are well aware of their hosting requirements. Still, selecting the platform that best meets their business’s growing demands sometimes becomes necessary. It takes time to understand the difficulties of hosting. We allow you to benefit from our skills. Simply migrate to a virtual private server (VPS) when the following conditions exist:

  • Website traffic increases above 30%.
  • Run custom operating systems & applications.
  • The website is getting less responsive.
  • Your website has rich media content.
  • You want to ensure the security of your website.

Cheap VPS UK With Fine Hosting Features

Navicosoft has also evolved with digital advancements over the years. Our customized and cheap VPS hosting services help you succeed in your business. We have extensive knowledge of VPS. We know how to show you in the most professional manner possible to the rest of the industry. So it’s the right time to take advantage of our high-tech Virtual Private Server hosting.



Our VPS Hosting plans are completely made-to-order. You don’t need to stress about your business’s demands change. Our hosting plans are always ready to meet your requirements, including storage, bandwidth, and networking speed.



Your website may function even at a slow speed, but it cannot perform well with poor data security measures. Our security measures include visitor escorts, biometric scanners and secondary authorisation, all implemented with great care.


Advanced Data Centres

Navicosoft commits to providing UK’s most affordable VPS hosting. Our data centres own comprehensive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, backup and recovery systems are available 24/7/365.


Maximum uptime

We provide a data centre that is network-independent. Our team always offer our customers the possible advantage of virtual server hosting. As a result, we guarantee 99.99% uptime to make your website run at all times.


Upgraded Technology

Downtime harms the website and disappoints the users. We use the most up-to-date technologies to avoid these conditions. It contains updated RAM and E5 processors alongside storage technologies to handle the increased traffic on the website.

24/7 Support

Our IT specialists have a thorough knowledge of the business to fulfil the diverse needs of customers around the clock. You can focus on your company rather than spending your time resolving problems with your cheap windows VPS server.

Why Navicosoft for Cheap VPS in London?


We ensure to provide our customers with the latest technological solutions.


We secure your website with our enhanced security and reliable connection.


Our trained staff facilitates you with our 24/7/365 technical support.


We secure your sensitive data from cyber-attacks with security and backups.

Premium VPS Hosting UK - Navicosoft: Unlocking Power and Performance

Explore Navicosoft’s premium VPS hosting in the UK. Experience unmatched power, reliability, and 24/7 support. Choose high-performance VPS solutions tailored to your business needs.

VPS Hosting UK

Discover reliable VPS hosting services in the United Kingdom with Navicosoft. Our cutting-edge virtual private servers guarantee top-notch performance, security, and flexibility. Choose from a range of plans tailored to suit your business needs and experience seamless hosting solutions with 24/7 support.

VPS Server UK

Navicosoft offers high-performance VPS servers in the UK, ensuring robust and scalable hosting solutions. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology, our servers deliver optimal speed and reliability. Elevate your online presence with our UK-based VPS servers designed for maximum efficiency.

Cheap VPS UK

Get cost-effective VPS hosting in the UK without compromising on quality. Navicosoft provides affordable yet powerful virtual private servers, perfect for startups and small businesses. Enjoy the benefits of high-performance hosting at budget-friendly prices, backed by our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

London VPS

Experience top-tier VPS hosting in the heart of London with Navicosoft. Our London-based servers offer low-latency, high-speed connectivity, ensuring a superior hosting experience. Choose Navicosoft for VPS solutions that combine performance, security, and the strategic advantages of a central location.

UK Based VPS

Trust Navicosoft for UK-based VPS hosting that prioritizes speed, security, and reliability. Our servers are strategically located in the UK, providing businesses with a local hosting solution tailored to meet regional needs. Elevate your online performance with our UK-based VPS hosting services.

Windows VPS UK

Power your applications with Navicosoft’s Windows VPS hosting in the UK. Experience the seamless integration of Windows environments with our high-performance servers. Benefit from dedicated resources, robust security, and expert support for your Windows-based hosting needs.

VPS in London

Deploy your VPS in the dynamic city of London with Navicosoft. Our London-based VPS hosting ensures optimal connectivity and performance. Whether you’re a local business or targeting a UK audience, hosting your VPS in London provides a strategic advantage. Choose Navicosoft for reliable and efficient hosting solutions.


Looking to buy VPS hosting in the UK? Navicosoft offers a range of plans to suit your requirements. Purchase with confidence, knowing you’ll receive a powerful, secure, and scalable VPS solution backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise.

UK VPS Provider

Navicosoft stands as a premier UK VPS provider, delivering unparalleled hosting solutions. Trust in our expertise to provide reliable, high-performance VPS hosting tailored to your business needs. Benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction and round-the-clock technical support.


Unlock the potential of KVM virtualization with Navicosoft’s UK KVM VPS hosting. Experience enhanced performance, security, and scalability with Kernel-based Virtual Machines. Choose Navicosoft for cutting-edge KVM VPS solutions in the UK.

Managed VPS Hosting UK

Simplify your hosting experience with Navicosoft’s managed VPS hosting in the UK. Our team of experts takes care of server management, security, and performance optimization, allowing you to focus on your business. Explore the benefits of hassle-free managed VPS hosting with Navicosoft.

Linux VPS Hosting UK

Navicosoft offers robust and reliable Linux VPS hosting solutions in the UK. Harness the power of open-source technology with our Linux-based virtual private servers. Benefit from high-performance hosting, security features, and expert support for your Linux VPS hosting needs.

VPS England

Elevate your online presence with VPS hosting in England by Navicosoft. Our England-based servers provide low-latency, high-speed connectivity, ensuring a seamless hosting experience. Choose Navicosoft for VPS solutions that combine performance, security, and the strategic advantages of hosting in England.

VPS Server Hosting Price

Discover competitive and transparent VPS server hosting prices with Navicosoft. We offer flexible plans to suit your budget, without compromising on quality. Explore our pricing options and experience cost-effective VPS hosting backed by reliable performance and excellent customer support.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Do you provide MySQL with windows VPS hosting in the United Kingdom?

Of course, yes, MySQL is available on our VPS servers. SQL is a structured query language and database management system that allows you to modify data stored in a database. Installations and technical support for Microsoft SQL licence for usage on your VPS are available at a unique reduced cost.

Are Virtual Private Servers more helpful than Dedicated Servers?

Virtual private servers (VPS) provide several distinct benefits. You will not have to worry about server administration using a virtual private server. Also, relieve your stress about checking the state of your hard drive, CPU, and RAM as often. VPS is well-suited for hosting most kinds of websites with modest traffic volumes.

What are the advantages of your VPS UK hosting plans for my business?

As a leading provider of high-quality hosting services in the IT sector, we have seen tremendous growth since 2008. In addition, we provide uptime of 99% uptime with our cheap VPS hosting in the UK. Apart from that, we provide free setup in addition to rapid application installation. Furthermore, our robust firewalls protect all our servers from crashes and ensure the highest levels of security.

How can I use VPS for various software applications?

If you have any experience related to server management, you can undoubtedly use Virtual Private Servers. It is essential to administrate operating systems such as Linux and Windows and set up software applications and databases. Don't worry if you did not experience the server management tasks. You may contact our support staff if you need more explanation.

What is meant by Managed VPS hosting in London?

VPS is a short form of Virtual Private Server and helps host websites that need a higher level of protection. It contains e-commerce websites, visual media websites, and other similar sites. Managed VPS can also host various software applications like portals, combined solutions, and customer relationship management (CRM). Virtual private server technology has both the reliability of a dedicated server and the convenience of managing virtual servers.

What makes Navicosoft one of the most affordable VPS providers in UK?

Navicosoft constantly concerns about its consumers' convenience regardless of the situation. To offer hardware that is both long-lasting and cost-effective to run, we track servers' performance. Furthermore, we use unique optimisation procedures to control load, allowing us to provide our clients with consistent service at the lowest possible cost.