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Top-tier Windows hosting in London, UK, tailored for optimal performance. Our service includes an easy-to-use control panel, ensuring seamless website management. Enjoy a free .com domain, rapid speeds, and a remarkable 99.9% uptime guarantee. With automatic backups and 24/7 support, we provide a reliable and secure hosting solution for your business needs.

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Enjoy London's Best Windows Hosting Services And Grow Your Business Sales With Us

Enjoy complete access to Windows Server 2022 and stay caught up. The most recent version has a tonne of features, such as a better Windows Admin Center, updated security measures, and a complete storage system. With Navicosoft’s cheap Windows hosting packages in the UK, quick and affordable Windows hosting services have become super-amazing.

With the Microsoft-certified Windows hosting server provider, you can now host your websites and applications over SSD Windows hosting. Thanks to our Apache Windows Hosting Plans’ incredible speed, improved performance, and less downtime, your business can grow fast. Further, managing your website’s day-to-day operations is simple with our speedy RDS servers and user-friendly Plesk interface.

Thanks to the most recent versions of MS SQL Server and MySQL databases, your website’s speed won’t ever suffer. The most current version of Microsoft SQL Server is the foundation of our low-cost Windows hosting with Apache. Navicosoft UK offers excellent freebies, such as website transfers, scripts, an SSL certificate, and more. You will get more benefits when you reach our 24/7/365 customer support. Try our Windows-specific environment to use the simple Plesk panel to administer your web applications now and take pleasure in:

  • Simple file server management.
  • Setups for an introductory email.
  • FTP file uploading is simple.
  • The newest version of Plesk Panel.

Our Windows Hosting Plans Perfected in London - Fast, Secure And Scalable

We provide you with the advantages of powerful, cost-effective, and flexible Windows hosting in Australia without sacrificing security. Our clustered architecture offers great power and redundancy. Your website will run to the level you expect. 

The most recent ASP.NET frameworks enable building feature-rich web apps and provide access to the most recent MVC, AJAX, and SSI versions. Furthermore, the UK’s highest levels of data security have become a reality with the Navicosoft data centers. 

We safeguard your website against unwanted activity. The best part is that we include a free SSL feature with our finest Windows hosting plans for an entire year. Furthermore, we offer 256-bit encrypted GreenLock SSL certificates and include server pooling technology with our Windows hosting services. 

As a result, your website will have a shield against DDoS attacks and other harmful actions. Your website’s users can browse with complete confidence. We offer 24/7 technical help to our clients to ensure they do not encounter any hindrances. Therefore, we rank as the best asp net hosting provider in the UK.

The Prominent Technical Features

99.99% uptime

Managed WordPress Hosting

Visual Studio Studio Compatible

One-click app installer

SQL Management Studio Access

Visual Studio Express Compatible

Web Services Support

File Backups

Visual Studio Community Compatible

Separate Application Pool

24/7 Monitoring

LINQ Hosting

Plan upgrade/ downgrade option

24/7 Support

RIA Services

Easy to use Plesk control Panel

DDoS Protection

Remote IIS Management


Knowledge Base & Forum



Dreamweaver Compatible

CURL Support For PHP

One-click WordPress installer

1 click Temporary URL Installation

Auto Responders

An Activated KMS Windows Hosting London, UK Provider with a Trusted Reputation

The KMS activation key comes with our RDS and windows. Server 2016 ensures the server’s automated activation and keeps track of the windows server. KMS’s straightforward yet effective infrastructure activates Windows OS corporate editions. It will also allow your company to turn on its systems inside its network. Furthermore, if the Windows server gets damaged, the KMS activated on the server would aid in taking a backup of the current data, as the KMS host key serves the same function. To keep you online, our distributed denial of service (DDoS) defence tracks incoming threats and defends your websites. Our trained customer care teams are available by phone and email around the clock. So if you need help with your Windows hosting package, we are here to help.

The Windows Hosting Services Company that is Safest And Secured Site Connections

For ten years, the UK has received the best windows ssh and server software from Navicosoft. To offer you the highest level of security and dependability with the hosting package, we have developed a dedicated windows server hosting platform. Without rebooting, our low-cost windows hosting make sure to update the kernel and security.

In addition, you must make sure the hosting plan you select supports Windows servers. Furthermore, your website is always protected and shielded from threats by our web application firewalls. Using our backup simplifies data protection. Finally, use our support and services to gain visibility into the performance of your apps and infrastructure. We are a popular Windows hosting services provider in the United Kingdom with years of professional industry experience in reliable Windows hosting services.

Practical Windows Hosting Services
Provider in the UK with Finest Customer Support

As a Windows hosting services company, Navicosoft is sure to earn your trust with our affordable Windows hosting. As a leading provider of Windows hosting UK, Navicosoft welcomes your inquiries about shared Windows hosting plans. So don’t be shy about telling them. Stay calm about how our Windows hosting server will operate. We offer a three-day free trial so that you can choose whether or not the features fit you. We offer the best core hosting to startups and large-scale businesses to promote better performance.

The Ideal Location in the London for Hosting

Navicosoft provides its customers with the safest and most reliable Windows hosting environment in the United Kingdom. Our modern server architecture is present to service clients all around the UK. Therefore, wherever your business takes you, we will be there with our new technology and affordable Windows hosting rates. We offer the best Windows hosting services with outstanding customer support. 

Dedicated Live Chat

As the provider of Windows Hosting UK, we assure prompt solutions for all your IT-related issues. Since all our clients are the same as us, never be afraid to inquire. We never think about ignoring your problems, but we promise to help you as soon as possible. So we can help you anytime; contact us to solve your problems. 

Easy-to-use Plesk Panel

We have made our unique Plesk panels with users in mind. We are one of the top Windows hosting companies in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we make your panel more active and user-friendly. So everything gets easier when you order UK Apache Windows Hosting from us. Everything is simple, from a user-friendly graphical interface to application installation and KMS activation! 

Why Choose Navicosoft As Your Windows Hosting Provider In London?

The quickest data transmission is provided by our gigabit with SSD storage.

It is impossible to achieve ultra-fast page loading speed at regular hosting.

Our global data centres have top-level and constantly monitored systems.
We promise your company won’t ever go offline or ignore you.
With the RDS server, Navicosoft provides first-class hosting without high costs.
No matter the size of your company, we offer you 24/7 technical he

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Windows Hosting Provider

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence using our Windows hosting solutions. Discover the best Windows hosting plans crafted for optimal performance. As your trusted provider, we offer reliability, speed, and expert support to fuel your online success.

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Elevate your online presence with reliable Windows Hosting solutions. Experience seamless performance, robust security, and unparalleled support for your website or application.

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Discover top-tier Windows Hosting services in the UK. Our hosting plans offer a perfect blend of speed, security, and scalability, ensuring an optimal online experience for your audience.

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Power your online ventures with Windows Web Hosting. Benefit from cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and a team dedicated to ensuring your website’s success.

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Unleash the full potential of your website with our award-winning Windows Hosting. Enjoy unmatched reliability, lightning-fast speeds, and 24/7 support – making us the best choice for your hosting needs.

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Tailored Windows Hosting plans designed to meet your specific requirements. Choose from a variety of packages that deliver exceptional performance, user-friendly interfaces, and unbeatable value.

Windows Hosting Packages:

Explore our diverse range of Windows Hosting packages. Each package is crafted to provide a seamless hosting experience, backed by our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

Best Windows Hosting Provider

Trust the Navicosoft leading Windows Hosting provider for unparalleled performance and support. Our hosting solutions are backed by years of expertise, ensuring your online presence is in safe hands.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Windows hosting in the United Kingdom?

Due to its various characteristics, Windows web hosting is currently one of the hostings with the quickest growth. You can host any application with Apache Windows Server hosting, including ASP.NET, PHP, and many others. You got it wrong if you believe you require Windows hosting because Windows is already on your computer. It's because Windows hosting, with its user-friendly control panel and one-click installation, is much more versatile. Hosting websites using the Windows operating system refers to as Windows hosting. It may be Linux hosting whenever a web hosting firm doesn't mention a Windows hosting plan. It is because most popular web hosting plan options function on Linux. We allow you to exhibit dynamic online content with Windows hosting. A website is active when it is capable of more than just showing plain HTML material and will enable users to interact with it.

Are windows hosting secure for website scalability?

We use an innovative technological foundation to supply Navicosoft's Windows hosting. Our data centres are also relatively modern to meet all security requirements. We guarantee there is no security danger to your website with round-the-clock monitoring. Besides, our services include spam and DDoS prevention to prevent security failures and evil web attacks. Also, to improve the security of your virtual machines, apps, and data. Windows Server Security offers various levels of protection blended into the operating system.

Which infrastructure support Windows hosting

Windows server hosting uses the most recent technologies to deliver your online content with the best performance possible. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributes requests over numerous data centres. So it is an essential component that enables your Windows server hosting platform to get an additional performance increase. Through the cloud, users can access your website from any of the more than 20 data centres around the world. The mirage feature of Windows server hosting is advantageous for websites with a lot of material, such as photos. First, it considers a user's viewport and bit rate. Then, it selects the resolution of images to provide the most excellent balance between quality and speed.

On your Windows hosting services, can I establish many websites?

We guarantee you the most outstanding usage freedom when purchasing our hosting bundle. On an essential subscription, you can host one website. However, as soon as you increase the package, each hosting package will allow you to host more websites. We also guarantee to get the most affordable approach to Windows hosting features with us as your hosting provider in the UK.

Is Windows hosting with a domain name available from Navicosoft?

When you choose one of our hosting plans, we give you access to technology with all your desired features. In addition, we always offer you services that are useful to you and increase the opportunities for a better future. Therefore, if you buy a hosting package from us, we'll give you a free domain name with the .com TLD.

What are ASP.NET Hosting and the use of in the United Kingdom?

Websites have servers for their development using the technology and coding language known as ASP.NET. Thus, every time you choose Windows hosting, it is present. Further, ASP.NET hosting is a popular, secure, and comprehensive option. Because of its .NET framework foundation, it works seamlessly with other Windows programmes. Microsoft provides all the features required to efficiently bring server-based content and applications online with the web platform. One of the enormous benefits of ASP.NET hosting is abiding by vital web standards. In addition, ASP hosting ensures complete compatibility of your hosting package plan with your project because it pairs well with coding languages like PHP, Java, and C#.

Can I get technical help around the clock if I buy web hosting

Definitely, yes. If you purchase our web hosting services, we'll send a team of experts to investigate your hosting problems. You can start a support ticket and get a prompt response anytime, day or night. We are famous for our excellent customer support and technical stability services in the United Kingdom.

What are the windows hosting payment procedures?

To increase your convenience and suitability with us, we currently accept the following primary payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • 2CO

What distinguishes Windows hosting from Linux hosting?

You can use either Windows or Linux as an operating system with a particular server. However, the most widely used operating system for web servers, Linux, offers more functions than web designers demand. Linux is, therefore, the best option unless you have websites that require specialized Windows apps. However, most typical hosting users can use something other than Windows OS despite being a popular operating system for web development. In general, Windows hosting is solely for ASP.NET developers. Therefore, adopting the Linux OS is usually fine, especially in shared hosting environments.