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Since 2008, Navicosoft has been serving large industrial corporations and tremendous businesses with optimal cloud storage services and the best cloud backup UK. We precisely secure the data necessary for you with adjustable file selection and backup/restore priority for the files you’re working on. Navicosoft is the leading provider of the most reliable and reasonable cloud backup solutions for business in the United Kingdom. Our flexible and moderately priced options are extraordinarily secure and quick to get you back online in an emergency. You can now safeguard your mission-critical data and applications over a stable storage solution at a fraction of the expense. We compress your data, encrypt it, and deliver it to our data centers once your chosen time has passed.

Our cloud storage services and cloud backup UK determine your exclusive data’s safety against ransomware or other calamities. The Navicosoft staff rises to the occasion by providing constant cyber protection, self-service file backup, and recovery. We understand how vital it is to protect your valuable data to conduct business activities smoothly. Thus, you can trust Navicosoft to lead cloud backup solutions enterprise at low and affordable costs.

A Reliable and Credible Source for Cloud Backup Solutions

Navicosoft provides peace of mind through secure, scalable, and straightforward endpoint data backup. We keep innovating as the workplace changes, which makes us a fundamental component of an organization’s data protection strategy. Our topmost priority is to address the needs of our customers and help them get rid of their software-based problems. In case of data loss from the actual server, we still have a copy of the original data stored in a secured cloud server. Additionally, you have the option of remote backups or backups that only require a single click.

Valuable Custom Plans

Simple yet affordable prices can make Cloud backup more convenient. Also, we prioritize our customers’ requirements. So we offer entirely configurable and customized cloud backup and storage services at the industry’s best low costs. For example, you may now choose how many storehouses you need and how many devices you’ll need. You can also specify a particular time for taking the cloud data backup.

Ultra-fast Backup and Disaster Recovery

With the fastest cloud backup options, we reduce your downtime. You can restore a file or the entire system to a new or existing device with only one click. We work with you as your backup partners to give you continuous storage and backup. As a leading backup solutions provider for businesses, we aim to provide the best backup services and optimum customer support and assistance.


User-friendly Dashboard

You will now need to spend less time managing the security and other aspects of your company’s data because of the improvements we have made. For example, the storage limit can be raised, additional devices can be added, and backup schedules can easily be changed. At Navicosoft, you will find the most user-friendly dashboard that meets your expectations and is compliant with your preferences. 

Dedicated Account Manager

We allow you to benefit from our real-time cooperation when you purchase one of our unique cloud backup solutions. In addition, you may have complete peace of mind knowing that your data is protected thanks to our reliable data backup solutions and dedicated account manager. Leverage our remarkably optimal cloud backup solutions for business at affordable costs. 

24/7 Support & Customer Assistance

All of your technical assistance needs are our top priority. Our support staff is always ready to provide you with superior service. So don’t put up with technical problems when we are only a few clicks away! We promise to deliver exceptional technical support and the finest cloud storage services to our clients to satisfy them.

Cost Effective Storage:

Data redundancy and block-level compression are available. Compared to uncompressed data backups, it reduces costs by roughly 90%. Additionally, after the initial backup, all subsequent backups are incremental, which lowers the cost. Our cloud backup solution for small businesses is perfect for all startup organizations as we deliver low-cost professional services.        

Leverage the Advantages of Cloud Backup Services to Secure your Critical Data

Navicosoft offers trustworthy cloud backup services for all types of businesses, ranging from small startups to large-scale industrial companies. We can offer solutions ranging from straightforward cloud data backup to comprehensive virtual boot & failover recovery thanks to our industry-leading technology and strong security. As a professional cloud storage services provider, we know how important it is to communicate with clients to understand their needs. By storing a backup of your data in the most secure and cutting-edge data centers, we give you complete peace of mind. Navicosoft has won the hearts of several clients by serving them with our optimum cloud storage and backup services. Did you know that 80% of businesses lack a consistent personal cloud backup strategy? Due to this reason, they suffer when they lose valuable data, and ultimately they are forced to paralyze their business activities. Thus, we are aware that lost files and system malfunctions might cause a halt to corporate operations. Our well-founded contingency strategy safeguards crucial data and files to ensure your company.Take advantage of our free cloud backup service and enjoy:
  • The encryption key ensures that only the client can see the data.
  • Restoring chosen files immediately.
  • Data centers with two levels of security and encryption.
  • On the client side, 256-bit AES encryption is the military standard.
  • De-duplication on the client side for all backup sets.

Enjoy Complete Control Over Your Data with our Cloud Backup Services

You don’t need to worry about losing the information you store in the cloud because it is regularly backed up to multiple servers. Your data will still be safeguarded in numerous other locations, even if one server crashes. The likelihood of data loss is significantly low as a result. Furthermore, with cloud backup solutions, acquiring more dependable backup options than RAID is now so obvious. You have complete control to back up every component of the storage system, including discs, files, folders, and virtual machines, as you see fit. The benefits of Navicosoft for Enterprise are rounded out by term-based pricing per user, a specific legal hold workflow, the storage of your own encryption keys, and the availability of professional services assistance.

Protect your Company Against Malicious Deletion by Using our Cloud Backup Solutions

Malware attacks and unforeseen data destruction can seriously harm your company. Daily cyber-attacks have the potential to change, steal, or damage your confidential data. Our cloud-based active protection system recognizes harmful activity and restores the files to the most recent secure backup. We provide the quickest data recovery service to minimize your downtime. You may access all of your data and files with a single click. Recover the entire system from the cloud storage of your old or new PC. Since 2008, Navicosoft has offered reliable cloud backup for small, medium, and giant corporations in the UK. We are among the top cloud data backup service providers in the UK. We are like pure gold because of our superior backup and disaster recovery, cloud storage, and cloud data backup features. 

Why Choose Navicosoft For Cloud Backup Services?

The brand name for services with a focus on solutions and technology is Navicosoft.
We promise to protect your company while offering the most affordable costs.
Our professionals can handle demands for all data sizes thanks to safe cloud storage.
We offer 24/7 technical support and software security up to military standards.
Our mission is to save you money by swapping hard drives with dependable cloud storage.
We secure your data using enterprise-level

Your Questions, Our Answers

Making a copy of your documents, programs, virtual machines, or servers and storing them securely on a remote network of analyzing resources that you access via the internet is known as cloud backup (also known as cloud computer backup). The network of interconnected computing resources is referred to as "the cloud." Many firms keep most of their information, business-critical data, and apps on cloud servers, making cloud backup an essential requirement. In other words, it means safely keeping a replica of your servers, virtual machines, files, and applications over a remote network.

We recognize that everyone is watchful and worried about their security and privacy precautions. So you can relax knowing that only you have access to your cloud storage or data. Encryption is necessary for securing your data from snoopers. We offer the most powerful encryption system to guarantee that your data is secure. Additionally, our data centers are the most reputable and have solid privacy legislation. Because of our special security procedures, you may choose us for cloud storage services with the confidence that we will remain secure from hackers. We are renowned for our backup solutions for business and cloud backup UK as we satisfy our customers with our optimum services.

Why is cloud storage such a safe option? First off, most workers need access to the warehouses where servers are often kept. Second, the files kept on cloud servers are secured by encryption. They are scrambled as a result, which makes it much more difficult for thieves to access them. Well, whether or not your data is secure in cloud storage is a natural mystery. The majority of individuals believe that cyber thieves may easily access cloud storage. However, the truth is that data stored in cloud storage is significantly more secure than data stored on a computer's hard drive. This is because cloud storage offers regular security updates, built-in firewalls, data encryption, and many more security measures to keep your data safe.

Regular, weekly, or monthly backups are optional, depending on your demands. It differs from user to user in actuality. At the very least once weekly. However, ideally once every twenty-four hours, essential data should be backed up. There are two ways to back up data: manually and automatically. There are numerous automatic software solutions that you may use to schedule the backup of your data for a specific period of the day or week. However, taking a free cloud backup weekly is an excellent idea. You should make backups even more often if you routinely create and alter files. We give you a continuous backup so you can keep an eye on your data and any newly added, changed, or deleted files.