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Your domain will be your dynamic digital commodity to enter and gain popularity on the internet. So, Navicosoft takes on the mission to help individuals and business breeze in and grow online with reliable digital addresses. Being one of the oldest accredited registrars in the United Kingdom, we are capable of letting you secure the right domain names at the best market prices. Our up-to-mark domain name buy & after-sale services make us the most trusted domain registration in UK. In addition, our cheapest domain name registration comes with immediate activations, domain security & WHOIS protection.
So whether you are setting foot into the online realm for the first time or rebranding and hoping to have a new unique domain name, we can help you buy the UK domain name. Search the domain name of your choice and streamline the success pathway for your website and business with British roots.

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Being a reliable domain registrar in the UK, we not only serve you for buying domain names, but we proffer a whole range of domain services alongside Web Hosting. Also, our customers can reach us 24/7/365 in case of any concern and help. Thus, honoured by a crowd of over 40000 clients in the United Kingdom, you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank by registering with us. So feel free to register as many domains as you want with your well-versed cheapest domain name registrar!Follow the following domain name buy process to complete your registration process in minutes:
  • Decide on an idea, and enter the domain name into the search domain name box.
  • Hit “Search” to confirm if the domain is available to buy.
  • Place your order now and decide on the payment method.
  • You are good to make it the digital address of your website in the UK without more ado.

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We are at your service with quick and risk-free domain transfer without any additional fees. So confidently transfer your single or multiple domains to the most credible domain registrar in the UK.


Our user-centric domain management tool has your back to lighten your burden. Now manage your domain registrations, transfers, billing, and domain services and support your website at best.


Our DNS hosting solution is shaped to assist you with total control of your DNS settings and avoid human errors. Configure complex DNS records in real time from anywhere in the world.


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Your perfect domain – Just-In-Time or You Missed the Shot? 

Domains get slipped out of hand in a blink of an eye owing to the competition in the business from the same industry. Others might register your desired domain with with .london and .uk. If you hesitate now Also, we know that a well-suited domain name adds to your online integrity.

Therefore, we deal with a wide range of domain extensions. So whichever domain your like, from .co.uk domain, .uk.com, and .uk.net to .org.uk and more. Get in touch with us for domain registration in the UK. We will check for a domain name and let you grab it right away. However, even if you lose the chance to grasp your favourite domain name, we can help you seize it with backorder domain services.

Framework To Flag Up
A Good Domain Name  

Want to let people know why you are online and what makes you cool at a glance? Then, all you need is a perfect domain. Your domain will be a combination of the website address, such as www.navicosoft.co.uk, and your email address, such as name@navicosoft.co.uk.

Your domain name or website address should be easy-going to remember and type. It should be short and match your brand for interpreting the exact business image for your audience and customers. Follow your business niche and market pattern and come online by registering the finest domain name with Navicosoft. We will check for a domain name and let you grab it right away.

Wondering Which Domain Extension fits best with your passion and profession

As a global-leading domain registrar, we bring all the domain extensions available for you that make your brand your customers’ first preference. So adorn your online space with your choice from multiple options for Domain Extension.
Country code top-level domains (cc TLDs) let you target and connect with a specific market, location, and audience for a wide range of businesses. These are the top domain names assigned to a particular country.
.uk and .co.uk for the United Kingdom
.london for London
Generic Domains
Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are extremely popular among businesses to target a worldwide audience. It is best to buy both global and country-specific domains for business awareness and easy recognition in a particular industry and region.
.com. for commercial purposes .net for networking
New Domains
Alongside the existing domains, enhanced global connectivity has excited many new top-level domains (NTLDs). So you can register new awesome domain names from global industry-specific and country-based domain extensions for your London and UK brands.
.online for online business
.clothing for clothing/ textile industry

Having Questions?
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Yes, you can go for any extension except those with some registration restrictions. For instance, .gov is restricted for government entities, and .ltd is for a limited company. However, extensions including .com, .co.uk, etc., are available to register for anyone. You can easily choose from either generic or region-specific domains or both for your British business.

Start by finding an accredited registrar for domain registration in the UK, like Navicosoft. Now, choose a domain name extension such as .com,.co.uk, and .org.uk from among the many available options. Meanwhile, to buy a domain name in the UK, you need to decide if you want to target a local or international audience. For example, a domain with the ".co.uk" extension is required if your company is located in the UK since it is the most frequent and most commonly used top-level domain (TLD) extension. It also plays a definitive part in the growth of your brand on a local level and promotes your company as a UK-based enterprise. Furthermore, adding various new domain extensions, such as ".london" and ".wales," can help you draw attention to your targeted audience in a particular city. After selecting an extension, choose a domain name for your website. One key point to recall is that your domain should be practical, memorable, short, and accessible. In addition, it should match your services and fits the image you want to project when people think of your company. When doing a domain search, various recommended extensions, such as .club and .org, are always available to you. Once you are positive about your domain name, you can browse it in our domain search bar above to see all available options. If your required domain is available, you can purchase it immediately; otherwise, we will show you a list of all relevant domains for your business niche.

We are at your service for domain registration in the UK, renewal, and transfer of any domain extension. As one of the well-founded registrars, we offer domain names with matchless security and reliability. So we protect not only your domains but websites as well. Further, our user-friendly domain manager tool assists you with the management of your multiple domains. In addition, Navicosoft in-houses the web world experts, so we have helped many individuals and businesses in their online journeys.

Yes, you can. Navicosoft offers quick and trouble-free domain transfer services to help you get the most out of your domain names and enjoy a lot of free features. Being a globally famous company, we power many websites and online businesses with domain and hosting. Besides, our expert team is here to help you if you get any issues while transferring your domain or hosting to us.

Different domain names have distinct registration regulations, determined mainly by the registry and managing registrar. For the most part, domain registration is allowed for between one to ten years. So when you register a TLD, you can use it for the period you registered it for, typically between one to ten years. When the registered time period ends, you need to renew the domain. Similarly, most of the domain registration in the UK for extensions (TLDs such as .co.uk, .org.uk, and .uk) have registration periods of two years. Therefore, browsing detailed information about any extension you want for your website is better.

No, it's not necessary to buy the domain & hosting from the same place. It depends on your choice of registrar and hosting company. For example, you can register a domain name with Navicosoft and host it elsewhere and vice versa. You need to set up web forwarding by updating DNS records or configure it quickly if you use our DNS's rapid setup option.

Yes, any individual or company can purchase multiple domains if they are available. You can register domains with different extensions or buy different versions of your domain name for your business.   Directing different domain versions toward one website opens up opportunities for more customers and reduces customer loss because of different extensions.

Using our free basic DNS service, you must modify the A record. Then, on the administration page, go to the DNS Settings section and add records by clicking the menu and selecting "Add record" from the drop-down menu. This requires that you know the IP address of the service or website to which you want to redirect traffic. It may be located using the domain name or IP address in the majority of search engines. Otherwise, this information should be accessible from the hosting company for your website. To determine your website's IP address, see their tutorials or documentation. Check to verify that your server or website is ready to receive the forwarding request. You must update your nameservers to point to the nameservers of the sites to which you want to redirect traffic.

The majority of the time, the domain registration procedure is finished in a matter of seconds. You receive a verification email at the start of the process; once everything gets completed, you will get a confirmation email. Before your website becomes online and accessible through the internet, it is necessary to change the global DNS. These databases enable various machines to lookup an IP address based on its web address. Once this is complete, your website and associated files will be accessible to visitors through the internet.

A domain owner's information, domain status, and other like information are stored in the WHOIS database, which is an internet record listing. Anyone can see that details. So for domain privacy, WHOIS protection means concealing sensitive personal data stored in WHOIS databases with the privacy provider's contact info.

You can check for a domain name with our domain checker tool available on this page. Enter the domain you want to pick up and check the availability of your domain name. If you need guidance, our support staff is at your disposal at all times. They can confirm domain availability for you.

We accept a range of payment methods solely for our customers’ convenience. So no matter where you are in the United Kingdom or looking to register a domain name for your business outside the UK. You can choose your preferred payment approach. Currently, we accept the following:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfers
  • Skrill Payment