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Navicosoft brings optimised Linux VPS servers to give you the best performance possible. You get full access to all the hardware resources for your VPS. So you can host both business apps and development environments with complete access as an administrator. Besides, you can use the best Linux VPS servers to manage your web projects customised for your needs. We are the cheapest Linux server provider in the UK. We supply the best-dedicated hosting with a modern, stable, and secure Linux-dedicated server. You have a problem, and we have the solution for you with our active directory and secure Linux server. 

We are a leading provider of the cheapest Linux VPS hosting in the UK to enhance the functionality of your business websites. You still get better performance and control with a virtual private server. Also, no worries about hardware limitations, whether scaling up components, technical issues, or anything else. Linux will automatically be on your computer, or you can select from various operating systems. So let Navicosoft, the team of experts, sort out the complexities and replace them with the best solutions. We are famous for our wonderful FTP Linux server and Linux server hosting at affordable costs. 

Get the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting with Excellent Functionality and Security

Our Linux VPS backup options safeguard your data. You can take a snapshot of your machine using the OVHcloud Control Panel, external storage, and the snapshot option. Dedicated servers are the obvious choice for hosting a website that requires high-level security, scalability, and space. Today, a dedicated Linux server for web hosting is necessary to host your eCommerce site. Navicosoft is a reliable Linux VPS server provider in the United Kingdom. So we don’t offer you our inexpensive Linux VPS servers only to sell a box. Instead, we do it so you can find comfort in controlling your company’s infrastructure.

With up to 99.9% uptime, our cheap Linux server is among the best-performing servers in the United Kingdom. Additionally, there is no restriction on any upgrades because we assist you in obtaining cutting-edge hardware and software. Thus, buy our cheap Linux VPS server today if you wish to build a resource-intensive website. Furthermore, we support you in choosing the best-dedicated server at your preferred location

Navicosoft’s Unlimited Linux VPS Features with Speed, Security, and Excellence at One Stop Solution!

We are the leading provider of Linux VPS servers in the United Kingdom. We offer the best Linux VPS hosting and excellent customer support and services. Our affordable Linux VPS servers is made to go above and beyond your expectations. Also, Our Linux virtual private servers use the most outstanding hardware, including SSD storage and the most recent virtualization tools, for maximum performance. Our crew is here to offer you premium services at fair costs. 


You have complete freedom to select the hardware and software of your choosing while using this function. As the topmost provider of Linux VPS servers, we prioritise the preferences of our customers. 

Root Access

You are the lone owner of an active directory Linux server. So we grant you root access to control the server’s intricate features. It is one of the extra benefits of Linux VPS hosting. 

Unbeaten Security

We have pre-installed security mechanisms on our Linux server cloud. So we provide you with the highest level of protection. Our secure Linux servers are perfect for knocking out all security threats.

Regular Updates

Any web traffic and resource usage increase in your business could cause your website to slow down. So to maintain a high web speed, we offer regular automated updates of RAM, Processor, and storage.

One-click Installation

Get the powerful Linux dedicated servers from us with one-click WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal installation. Besides the Content Management Systems, we also support the one-click setup of various other applications and software.

Bare-metal Linux Server

Your server and your performance requirements! Take advantage of the processing power with the Melbourne single-tenant, low-price Linux server. Get full admin rights to control the server down to the kernel.

Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime

Website uptime supports your business online. It is time to release your stress about the period of lousy uptime for your website. Our Ubuntu server GUI ensures that your customers always have 99.9% uptime.

High Scalability

A cheap Linux server offers the highest level of scalability. Our servers at Navicosoft allow your company to keep up with technological improvements. Our top-quality Linux VPS servers provide you with scalability and optimal functionality. 

Automated backups

We know data is the essence of any online business, and its security matters greatly. Thus, our Linux server routinely performs automatic updates. So you should not worry about losing your vital data. 

Control Panel

We give you absolute convenience in managing your cheap Linux server as UK’s most affordable Linux server provider. Furthermore, we give you hassle-free control over the operations of your website thanks to the easy-to-use control panel.

Continuous Monitoring

Our reliable monitoring system always keeps an eye on your website and data. In addition, we regularly track the security of your website for threats. Our technical staff has got your business back.  

DDoS Protection

DDoS can cause illegitimate traffic flows, and such attacks always deplete resources. However, we value the usefulness of your server resources for your company. So DDoS protection is part of our security procedures. 

Linux VPS Server Benefits from our State-of-the-art Technology tailored to your Brand needs

Navicosoft offers logical solutions to streamline your operations. We are a reputable Linux server provider in the United Kingdom with years of industrial experience. We help large corporations cut their most arduous marketing and software-based challenges. So spend less time idly wandering around and more time getting the best service from our cheap Linux VPS servers! Your data is secure in our data centres because we follow strict security procedures. You may be the next to develop your brand with our fine-tuned cheapest Linux VPS hosting without experiencing any downtime! 

Free Upgradation

Besides cheap Linux VPS server Navicosoft is available for free service upgrades if you need to extend your IT infrastructure. Without causing downtime, we frame and enlarge your digital space. So you can trust our team of experts to upgrade your business with our top-quality services. 

Fully Protected Network

We are aware of how important data security is to you. So, we provide cheap Linux VPS hosting in Australia with the most recent antivirus software pre-configured. In addition, we ensure your data is protected from viruses and spam. So you can have peace of mind.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We always focus on keeping your website performance high. So our UK-based cheapest Linux VPS server is well-equipped to meet your company’s bandwidth requirements. With the high bandwidth, you can control the high volume of visitors to your website, including video streaming. 

Dedicated Technical Support

We have the ideal solution for you, whatever the problem may be! You receive technical support from our skilled, committed support staff daily, no matter what and when. So concentrate on your work and business while we take care of your technological challenges.

Why Choose Navicosoft for Linux VPS Servers in the UK?

Modern security precautions were taken into consideration when designing our state-of-the-art data centers.

Whenever you have a problem, give us a call since we are always here for you!

Without any downtime, get a seamless approach to your website. 

Get the server with dedicated IPs at the location of your choice.

Reliable Linux VPS Hosting in the UK | Navicosoft

Navicosoft offers reliable Linux VPS hosting services in the UK, delivering high-performance servers with low latency and exceptional support. Choose Navicosoft for your UK-based hosting needs and experience superior reliability.

Cheap Linux VPS

Are you looking for budget-friendly hosting solutions? Our Cheap Linux VPS plans are designed to offer reliable performance without breaking the bank. With affordable pricing and robust features, you can enjoy the benefits of a virtual private server without compromising quality.

Buy Linux VPS

Ready to elevate your online presence? Buy Linux VPS plans tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, our flexible packages empower you to harness the power of Linux-based hosting for your websites and applications.

Linux VPS Server

Unlock the potential of your online projects with our Linux VPS Server solutions. Built for performance and reliability, our servers are optimized for running Linux-based applications with ease. Experience seamless scalability and top-notch security with our Linux VPS Server offerings.

Linux VPS UK

Are you in search of hosting solutions in the UK? Look only as far as our Linux VPS UK plans. Host your websites and applications on our high-performance servers located in the UK, ensuring optimal speed and accessibility for your regional audience.

Linux VPS Unlimited Bandwidth

Say goodbye to bandwidth limitations with our Linux VPS Unlimited Bandwidth plans. Enjoy unrestricted data transfer for your websites and applications, ensuring seamless access for your visitors. Experience the freedom of unlimited bandwidth coupled with the reliability of Linux hosting.

Dedicated Linux Server UK

Consider our Dedicated Linux Server options in the UK for unparalleled control and performance. You can customize your server environment with dedicated resources to meet your exact requirements. Experience the ultimate reliability and security with our Dedicated Linux Server UK offerings.

Low-Cost Linux VPS

Maximize your ROI with our Low-Cost Linux VPS plans. Designed for cost-conscious users, these plans balance affordability and performance. Get all the benefits of Linux-based hosting without breaking the bank.

Cheap Linux Server

Affordable hosting means something other than compromising on quality. Our Cheap Linux Server options deliver cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance or reliability. Experience the power of Linux hosting at prices that fit your budget.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is the difference between managed & unmanaged Linux servers?

Installing the client control panel and other requirements is the responsibility of the managed Linux VPS server provider in the UK. Additionally, the business is accountable for all security lapses. In contrast, you only get the server with an unmanaged Linux server. You are in charge of looking after every activity. The hosting firm can replace every part and manage the complete infrastructure with a managed dedicated server plan. On an unmanaged server, neither the control panel's supervision nor client-installed security flaws are the web host's responsibility.

Can I upgrade my Linux VPS server plan once I place the order?

When you need to, you can upgrade your plan without a doubt. We believe in meeting your needs rather than imposing our services on you. As a result, submit a request whenever you discover that the existing server is not meeting your needs. We'll update your plan as per your needs. We are a team of optimistic professionals and software developers who strive to meet your requirements. We customise hosting plans to make them compliant with your business needs.

How long does initiating a server with the best Linux VPS provider in the United Kingdom take?

We guarantee prompt service delivery because we understand how crucial timing is to a business. So, you can trust Navicosoft, a UK-based provider of Linux VPS servers, to have the server ready as soon as the payment clears. As soon as you place a purchase, we begin setting up a server for you. We have a quick server delivery immediately upon payment. We are the leading provider of cheap Linux VPS servers and have served many corporations with our top Linux VPS hosting services.

What are the benefits of Linux Server VPS hosting in the UK?

The advantages of a Linux VPS Hosting Server are many. It has a low total cost of ownership, robust security, and steady performance. The Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), a virtualisation technology integrated into the Operating System, is a feature of the Linux VPS Server. With VPS hosting, you'll have access to more excellent server resources. So you can support increasing traffic volumes while keeping your website responsive. Also, you'll have access to relatively large amounts of bandwidth and storage. As a result, it enhances performance and dependability. Furthermore, most Linux VPS hosting plans give you greater server customisation and management levels. Thus, a VPS can be the best option if you need a particular operating system/ configuration that a shared hosting package does not support.

Do I really need a cheap Linux server United Kingdom?

Due to its vast benefits, having a dedicated Ubuntu server is never a loss. A server that runs the open-source Linux operating system is a Linux server. It gives companies a low-cost choice for providing their customers with content, apps, and services. Besides, because Linux is open-source, users also access an extensive network of resources and communities. But investing in a Linux VPS server is essential if you manage a resource-demanding website, such as an eCommerce site. The combination of cutting-edge security features and unlimited scalability makes it the ideal solution for your digital business demands.

What kind of server is Linux established to satisfy?

An operating system variation known as a Linux server satisfies larger enterprises' and their software's more demanding operational and storage requirements. Linux servers outperform ordinary Windows servers in terms of stability, security, and flexibility. So they currently have the most extensive usage and are also among the most well-liked. A server that runs the open-source Linux operating system refers to as a Linux server. So, it is a well-liked option because of its affordable price, robust community, and open-source code. The Linux kernel forms the foundation for several distributions, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and others. Each provides a flexible, secure, and reliable OS. Over 96.4% of the top 1 million web servers utilise Linux as their operating system. It dominates other extensive iron systems like mainframe computers and is the only OS the TOP 500 supercomputers use.