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What Are Backorder Domain Services?

Thousands of domains expire on a daily basis and get dropped in the open market. Therefore if you have eyes on any of that domains, you can get the best backorder domain services from Navicosoft. We monitor the domain status to keep an eye on its expiration. Unlike other service providers, we don’t create any mess with auctions or even charge more for sought-after domains. We usually prefer one person to backorder a particular domain at one time. However, if we fail to secure a web address when it becomes available, we try again until we secure it at no extra cost.Backorder domain services help to acquire a domain when it becomes available for registration. You can think of it as putting a reservation on the domain. Your name is placed on the list & when the domain is expired, you get a chance to register it before anyone else. Domain backordering involves domain monitoring, tracking, and domain registration for a year after the successful registration attempt.

The powerful backorder domain system

We have an innovative and the best backorder domain services & system that was engineered using low latency servers. The servers are located strategically with many registry connections to ensure a high success rate for acquiring the desired domain. In addition, we have the leading and most advanced system that uses lightening fast technology and extensive filter setting to backorder the domain.

Successful Backorder

As the domain registration competition is high, registering an expired domain is challenging. Consequently, we have a comprehensive selection option for domain backorder. It includes hundreds of TLDs like .com, .org, .net, and others. Additionally, the backorder snap tracks and monitors the selected domain and will attempt to register the domain upon successful monitoring.

Easy Way To Get The Best
Backorder Domain Services



You first need to search for the domain you want to register using our domain availability checker.


After checking the domain status, place the domain order you have always been looking for.


Seize the opportunity of getting your favored domain name back and continue your business growth and marketing purposes with us.


When the domain is available, our system will attempt to secure and register it for you.

Why Navicosoft For Backorder Domain Name London?

Our pricing strategy is fully transparent. There is no blind
auction or inflated fee. Instead, we charge a fixed price.
We have a speedy domain tracking system that is
much quicker than watching the domains manually.
Our domain backorder service is risk-free. Place as many
orders as you want because it’s a no-win no, fee process.
Unlock the opportunity to get your favored domain and move forward for your business growth with us
We do all the work for you. You don’t have to wait for
the domain to expire. We buy the memorable domains
for you the moment they are expired.
We have a dedicated team for domain backorder
service management. Therefore we keep an eye
on the domains and do free daily monitoring.

Your Questions, Our Answers

After the completion of the domain expiration process and passing the redemption period, the domain is dropped. It means it becomes available to the public for new registration. However, before the general release of the domain to the open market, if someone is interested in gaining the domain, he can place an order for domain backorder service. We have an efficient system for domain backorder service, and it will try to retrieve the domain the moment it is released. In other words, domain backorder helps you to register the domain that is already registered.

Backordering usually varies by business type. It comes into place when an item is not available. Or when the demand is high but the stock is low. After passing through the pending deletion state when the domain gets available to the public for registration, this is where domain backorder comes into play. The service lists the expiring domains with expiration periods and registers them for clients, if possible. However, if the required domain is in the redemption period, it is displayed in the backorder account. At this stage, it is possible to earmark it.

Domain monitoring is the way to track changes in domain settings. It includes historical tracking of domain name changes and monitoring domain names registered anywhere. You can set up the monitoring for at least a year. To continue the domain monitoring, you need to renew your subscription. Domain monitoring services can be used to track domains with various TLDs. It may include .com, .biz, .org, .net, .info, .co or any other. You can even monitor the domain that is not registered with us. It also helps you get the domain registered as soon as it is released in the market.

These are the domain registered by people, business owners, and companies but later, due to some reason, are not renewed. In other words,when the domain owner does not pay the renewal fee, the registration expires. The whole expiration process usually takes one month. Domains are expired due to many reasons. It may be that the owner forgets to pay for the renewal, or in most cases, the domain is not required anymore. Therefore, domain backorder requests are placed on such domains. When a domain expires, our fast-tracking system tries to catch it simultaneously. However, sometimes the domain is not captured in the first attempt.

You can keep checking the domain availability if the domain is already registered. As soon as the domain gets available, you can process the registration. However, in most cases, it seems relatively complex and challenging to check the domain daily. For this reason, you can get our backorder domain services, where we will keep track of the domain so that whenever it gets available, we will register it for you. You do not have to take any hassle; we do it all for you.We optimize our system so that the slightest chances of missing a domain remain aren't there.

Any time is right for placing a domain backorder service request. We do not ask our clients to wait till the domain is about to be dropped. You can set your backorder request anytime you want. You can even place your request a whole year before the domain is expired. Since the domain backorder is not fully guaranteed, our system keeps an eye on domain expiration so it can be grabbed immediately. We monitor the domain for you so you can sit back and relax while we keep on working for you. You can also step back and take your request back anytime you want.

If the domain is successfully back-ordered, the further process is the same as domain registration. The minimum period for domain registration is one year. Therefore, the back-ordered domain will also be registered for one year. Later as long as the owner keeps paying the renewal fee, the domain is booked. If the owner stops paying the renewal fee for any reason, say he doesn't want to continue with a particular domain, it again becomes available for registration. Now someone else can get the domain. However, a successful backorder is still not guaranteed.

Our primary goal is to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Therefore we are available round the clock for any assistance. We have a dedicated expert team of technical IT support that keeps an eye on customers' issues. You can contact us and get the issue resolution instantly. We don't only offer domain registration and domain backorder service. Still, our service scope includes all the primary IT services, including digital marketing, web hosting, website design and development, app development, and others. Therefore, you can reach us for any technical issue using the following ways:
• Live chat
• Email
• Phone call
• WhatsApp

If many people are willing to get certain domain registration, the domain enters the domain auction phase. Now the domain will be made available for backorder for all willing participants. Users will bid on the domain and keep bidding until no bid comes. Once the bidding process is done, the domain is given to the highest bid wins. After that, we register the domain in the person's account. In other words, the domain backorder auction works the same way other auctions work. You have to place the highest bid; the domain is yours.

The best way is to contact a backorder domain service provider like Navicosoft. We will monitor the domain name on your behalf. That way, we can inform you right away soon after the domain is available. So you can catch it back for your business before others.

After a successful reservation, there is still no guarantee of acquiring the domain successfully in one attempt. The reservation disappears if the existing domain owner carries a store during the grace period. Furthermore, other parties interested in the domain might also assert their claims. Therefore, it is much like a case of first come, first served. The person who first submitted the domain backorder request is highly preferred as the new domain owner. Auctions are commonplace, other parties also submit their offers in advance, and the highest bidder wins. Regardless of the outcome, if one provider is quicker, the other claims lapse. Therefore, the rule is to be quick.

You will receive the backorder domain in your account. After being successful in back-ordering a domain, Navicosoft immediately registers that domain for you. And add it to your account in between forty-five days. Then, you can start using that domain and renew it after one year to keep using it.