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Wondering where you would find the most reliable migrate web hosting that promotes excellent performance and high speed? You’ve absolutely reached the right place. The professional team of Navicosoft has served multiple large-scale businesses and small websites with premium transfer domain hosting at affordable costs. We are renowned for our optimum migration web hosting services as we aim to provide technical stability and support to our customers.

Navicosoft,the top moving hosting provider in the UK offers the opportunity to migrate WordPress to new hosting. It is preferable to make the best migration hosting provider decision rather than risk-averse outcomes. Thus, you should trust Navicosoft if you wish to buy migrate hosting UK that ensures better performance and optimal functionality. We always strive to acquire customer satisfaction to determine the happiness of our clients.

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Our dedication to delivering excellent migration web hosting is unparalleled, and we offer a plethora of practical resources and knowledgeable advice to help you launch your website swiftly. No company provides a better all-in-one hosting experience from establishing your account until you are ready to publish. In addition to providing sophisticated and managed services, we also offer assistance with website migration to new hosting with more features! We collaborate with a committed professional team on your behalf so you can avoid the stress of migration. Additionally, we combine cutting-edge technologies with a creative procedure to migrate WordPress to new hosting. You can always rely on our team of experts whenever you encounter any technical problem. Furthermore, we offer our exceptional migrate email to new host plans at extremely low prices.  

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As the top migration hosting provider, Navicosoft is committed to offering top-notch services at reasonable prices. We are aware of the nature of your website and the platform it was created on. We take high security very seriously. Our infrastructure is safeguarded by the most recent hardware and software firewalls. The operating systems that run on our servers are constantly updated and secured by us. As one of the most secure hosts, we continuously scan probes and test our defense mechanisms. To prepare for the migration of the WordPress hosting, we gather all the pertinent data. Additionally, when selecting an ideal migration platform, we consider the most recent technologies and tools that a migration web hosting service may retain in a specific order properly per your website.

The Best Migration Web Hosting Provider in the UK!

The digital industry is constantly changing. The web hosting industry is likewise growing quickly. We enable you to go digital with a flexible, future-focused strategy and a combination of technologies. You may quickly move shared hosting websites to a new host with a suitable hosting plan thanks to the more than ten years of experience our developers and specialists have in development and hosting. At Navicosoft UK , we work tirelessly to ensure complete client satisfaction with every hosting service we offer. Because of this, we provide quick, dependable, secure service backed by our helpful and professional support team around-the-clock.

Undefeated DDoS Protection

We offer comprehensive DDoS security precautions. So no need to compromise the performance of traffic due to malicious attacks and a range of threats. Our network is well protected against DDoS attacks using always-on protection upstream providers. With always-on monitoring and automatic network attack mitigation, DDoS Protection allows you to defend your resources from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Effective DDoS defense makes it less likely that an assault will bring down your website.

Robust Bandwidth

We promise to offer limitless bandwidth. So, let’s put an end to the limited bandwidth and begin making use of the Boundless bandwidth together! The ideal definition of total bandwidth is the ability to download or upload as much data as you want in a specific amount of time. This is advantageous if the business operates many websites on the same server. The opportunity to increase website traffic is the second advantage of an unlimited bandwidth plan. 

Flash SSD Storage

We use SSD storage on all of our web hosting servers. The newest PowerEdge servers with the quickest enterprise SSD storage are the only ones we use. Your computer will boot up quicker, transmit data quicker, and have a better bandwidth with SSDs. Faster SSDs can process data at the ultra-speeds required in today’s commercial environment, especially when running programmes like operating systems that access enormous volumes of data. 

24/7 Customer Support

Navicosoft is available to help you with any technical support or non-technical query every hour of every day. Regardless of the time, our support engineers have got you covered! We are well known for our remarkable technical stability services and customer support. Also, our fastest response time is what sets us apart from all other transfer hosting providers in the United Kingdom.

Daily Unbroken Backups

We make sure to make regular backups in case something goes wrong. Therefore, don’t worry about your data restoration because we have the necessary procedures here. By ensuring that your website is frequently backed up, you can lessen potential vulnerabilities while also ensuring that, in the worst-case scenario, you can swiftly restore your website to avoid downtime. 

Domain Transfer

We also offer domain registration services and a huge selection of hosting. Therefore, you may rely on us to transfer your domain and move your hosting to our servers. Our devoted and highly qualified support staff responds rapidly to address your technological issues. The leading assurance that your website may be fully restored after any issues and crashes is a backup.

How do we operate as a UK hosting provider for migration?


Choose the best plan for your needs and purchase it.


The domain name records must be updated.


To move a WordPress site to a new host, submit the hosting migration form.


Notice the difference and enjoy exclusive hosting with our 24/7 support!

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We move WordPress to new hosting in the most straightforward manner possible.
Your strong web identity and secure migration are a priority for Navicosoft.
Our team takes care of the entire server migration and hosting process, relieving you of any stress.
We guarantee to perform fast and secure Linux-based migration for no charge!

Provider of cheap Migrate Web Hosting in the UK with the speed & dependability you deserve!

The simplest solution to transfer WordPress to new hosting in UK is provided by Navicosoft. WordPress may be moved to new hosting with only a few easy steps and minimal downtime. The operating systems that run on our servers are constantly updated and secured by us. As one of the most secure hosts, we continuously scan probes and test our defence mechanisms. Your websites are safer on this server thanks to Navicosoft’s dedication to security. Being the top provider of cheap migrate hosting in Australia, we offer exciting and cutting-edge web hosting features. Our company has developed several hosting transfer options. It includes:

  • Migration from cPanel host.
  • Migration from non-cPanel host.
  • Migration consulting service.

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Our devoted and highly qualified support staff responds rapidly to address your technological issues. As a result, we guarantee you 99.99% uptime when you choose one of our hosting plans. As your UK migration hosting provider, we know how intimately you are connected to technology and how critical uptime is to you. Therefore, we provide hosting plans with minimal downtime of 0.01%.

It could take up to 24 to 48 hours to transfer WordPress to a new host. As a business magnate, you can feel anxious about how long it will take to migrate shared hosting. However, the duration could also change depending on your data and file size. The entire conversion process will be apparent to visitors to your website, even if DNS propagation could take up to 48 hours.

Any WordPress user who wants to migrate can use the free WordPress migration service. We run two checks to determine whether the migration will work with your website. Immediately after registering an account and informing us of the website you wish to transfer to, we do the first rapid check. That verification merely confirms that your domain points to a WordPress website. Once you install the plugin, a second check is performed. Then, we examine factors such as the PHP version, the website size, the database size, the use of WordPress multisite, the WordPress version, and the current security plugins on your site. You are qualified for a free migration as long as your website satisfies the requirements.

We offer comprehensive digital marketing services. Numerous expert services are available from Navicosoft to help you tailor your website to your needs. You can use our service, which offers support with design and marketing issues for WordPress websites, or you can get in touch with our support team, which provides a fully immersive design and marketing experience, where our team of experts will build a website for you following your requirements.

Although there isn't a defined schedule to migrate WordPress to new hosting, picking the period with the least amount of traffic is still preferable. Always choose a period when there is little or no traffic on your website because it will be down for a while the website is being moved.

Start by confirming whether or not a domain transfer to Navicosoft is permitted. Update the name servers after that. If the WHOIS privacy is enabled, turn it off. Next, ensure that you obtain the EPP code. When you have finished, submit the request to move your WordPress site to a new domain. It will be finished right away.